What’s at Stake:
The U.S. is the largest funder of international reproductive health and family planning. But unprecedented efforts are under way to roll back gains in women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Policy and funding changes under the current administration – including the reinstatement and dramatic expansion of the Global Gag Rule and the U.S. decision to eliminate funding for the UN Population Fund – are having a devastating impact on the world’s most vulnerable girls and women, and a ripple effect on their families, communities and economies.

Taking Action:
Now is the time to build on progress, not reverse it. We have the opportunity to empower millions of girls, women, families and communities – but only if the U.S. protects and restores critical investments in international reproductive health and family planning. With its direct connection to the United Nations, the Universal Access Project is in a unique position to mobilize policy and funding across the reproductive health and family planning community. We will rally the global women’s health advocacy community together to send one cohesive message: every girl and every woman deserves the opportunity to determine her own future.